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This collaborative project is showing the love of Minya and Tatyana, a couple with Down syndrome in their 50s, living in the social village of Svetlana, near St Petersburg in Russia. The photographer has visited Svetlana and stayed there for a few days every month since 2016 and feels it has become a part of her life. She taught Tatyana to take photographs and the polaroids in the story were shot by her.

Svetlana is home to around 40 people with various mental differences, together with their mentors and volunteers. It is part of the international Camphill Movement, in which residential communities provide support for the education, employment, and daily lives of people with developmental disabilities and other special needs. Every resident is valued, and everyone works for the common good. Minya and Tatyana worked as bakers and also helped with cooking and cleaning. They enjoyed painting and performing in plays. Tatyana died after contracting COVID-19, in the spring of 2021.

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