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"Torture is a common part of reality in Russia. Numerous innocent people endure horrifying torture for various reasons. The chances of successfully appealing against torture in Russia are barely higher than zero.

'The Committee against Torture' is one of the few independent human rights organizations still operating in Russia. For years, it has been highlighting issues of unlawful violence and torture. Over the past year and a half, working conditions have become even more challenging, and the previous risks—persecution for professional activities—persist. We are sharing one of the torture stories from the Krasnodar region, which our lawyers are currently handling.

This is the story of Victor Krasnoborodko, a resident of the village of Novorozhdestvenskaya in Krasnodar, who confessed to the murder of his son under torture. He is currently in pretrial detention. They forced him to undress, sit on the floor, and bound his hands and feet with tape. Then they hung him upside down, securing a bar between two tables, and began to beat him with an electric shock device the size of a small flashlight. He lost consciousness, and the torture lasted three or four hours. Subsequently, they shocked him with another device until he confessed to killing his own son. His 26-year-old daughter Alevtina, her husband Maxim, and Victor's former wife Galina are working with lawyers to seek justice." 

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