In 2017, Mary Gelman has started to take pictures of the unique social village "Svetlana" in Russia, Leningrad Oblast. This Camphill allows people with mental differences to live free and be supported by tutors and volunteers. This place is not a boarding school or a clinic. No one is controlled and the doors are always opened. Residents don’t draw a line between «healthy» — «unhealthy», «normal» – «abnormal». Everyone is valued as an individual. Capabilities and abilities are the only things that matter. Residents believe in the person you can become in spite of your past time.

Lisa was a volunteer, with a donkey on a walk. She has been in Svetlana Village for nearly two years. She worked in the bakery and on the farm, took care of the donkey. This project has been awaded Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcome in 2018.

This picture is in limited edition prints, available in 4х3.

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